View from the Niagara Glen Conservation Centre
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The Niagara Glen Trail is Magical

First of all, the Niagara Glen Trail is magical. What an amazing trail this is. The lookouts over the Niagara River are second to none. The whooshing of the water as it rushes past you is soothing and exciting at the same time.

Those Stairs Though

On approach the stairs leading down to the trail are intimidating. But once you begin your decent, it’s not all that bad. Even on accent with a mangled ankle it’s not that bad. More about that in a minute.

Left or Right

The trail branches out in a few directions. The first one is not even 50 feet from when you hit the ground. There seemed to be bottle neck at this spot, so we opted to take the trail to the left. Also because we could hear the river running in the distance. We later learned had we gone to right, we probably would have been able to get closer to the water. 

That would have been great, but I still think I got some pretty great shots from above the river. It’s a better perspective for the shots I was looking for anyway. Maybe we’ll go back in a year or 2 and try to get closer to the rushing water.
Unfortunately, the Whirlpool access from the trail was closed. I guess that gives us a reason to go back?

Danger Will Robinson

While the trail is marked with easy to read symbols and arrows, it’s sort of treacherous. My ankle can attest to that. Unfortunately, I rolled it while we were about halfway through the trail and had to make a hasty exit. Luckily, I was able to squeeze off a lot of shots before this point. I’m proud to show them here.

Bouldering at the Glen

The Niagara Glen Trail has a lot of giant boulders scattered throughout. I’m pretty sure the website said this aspect of the trail was closed, but we encountered a lot of boulder climbers on the trail. It explained all the people we saw carrying massive packs on their back. Only when we saw the boulders did we realize they were mats. I really hope they do their job of breaking the fall should they slip.
However this was not for us. This is not something that appeals to me. It has danger written all over it if you ask me. Kind of like skateboarding.

The Niagara River

The Niagara River is magical. The colour of the water is mesmerizing and so pretty. I don’t know it gets like this. Probably from the minerals in the rock formations that it runs through. In any event, I really like it. It’s so pretty in pictures. Hopefully you feel the same when you view the images.

We may or may not return. I seem to have bad luck when I’m in Niagara. I sprained my ankle 2 years ago at the Butterfly Conservatory when I turned around and didn’t notice the stairs. So yeah, I have mixed feelings about Niagara. But there’s a lot of beauty there. I shouldn’t let my clumsiness deter me.

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