This post has been a long time coming. We went on an adventure this past Summer that eventually took us to Petroglyphs Provincial Park.

The Park consists of rock carvings (Petroglyphs) and a meromictic (layers of water that don’t intermix) lake called McGinnis Lake. It’s worth checking out. 
I wish I could take credit for this discovery, but I can’t. We owe this one to Sheri, my partner in crime. Incidentally, if you’re looking for a Life Coach or Crystal Practitioner, you should look her up. You won’t be disappointed.

Back to the topic at hand.

The View

The view from atop the rocks that overlook the meromictic lake is amazing. Quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen actually.
The area also consists of a trail which eventually takes you past the lake. We didn’t take the trail, as time wasn’t exactly on our side. We spent most of our day driving to another provincial park whose name escapes me as of this writing, that was full. It was somewhere in the vicinity  of Blue Mountain. If it comes to me later, I’ll update this post.

The Carvings

I didn’t actually get to see the Ojibway rock carvings. Even if I had, they have a strict policy against taking pictures there anyway. I’m not sure why. But Sheri saw them and said they were pretty cool. The carvings depict turtles, snakes, birds, humans and more; this sacred site is known as “The Teaching Rocks”.

It’s really a nice park with good scenery and wildlife. You need to make your way there. And don ‘t forget, leave no trace.

I’m Back

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, summertime actually. I blame COVID for my absence. Not because I had it, but because we couldn’t really go anywhere. In hindsight I think they made a mistake in preventing us from going anywhere. It didn’t really help the situation. It was a frustrating summer. But we’re here now, locked down again of course but with more options on where we can go in nature. 

Winter is here, so I’m not sure where that will take us, but we’re not going to let COVID stop us.

Until next time…