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Port Union Waterfront Park Nature Walk

Today’s post is brought to by Port Union Waterfront Park.

Sheri and I walked through here a couple of days ago. We were looking for a waterfront trail. We found it here. 

Our original plan was to find the beginning of the Scarborough Bluffs Waterfront trail, little did we know we had already experienced it on a previous nature walk a few days before. 
That’s what brought us to Port Union Waterfront Park.

Oh My God Hot

It was a hot one. For a lot of the trail it’s not covered by shade. I would say from the point where you leave the Bluffs to beyond the Rouge Go Station, there’s little respite from the sun. There are a few spots to take a pit stop along the way, but those were either all occupied or in a high traffic area. So we chose to battle on. 

Rouge Hill Go Station

We went as far as Rouge Hill Go Station and turned back from there. Rouge Beach was only a few more minutes away, but not all of us could make it…
The Pickering Nuclear Plant is also not too far in the distance. Though I’m not too sure how close you want to get to that…

I did shoot one of my favourite images here. The landscape version of that shot almost made it to the featured image for this post. But I changed my mind. The portrait view is better I think.
Something about that picture creates a mood for me. 

Summer is Here

Summer is here and it’s going to be a long, hot one. There are many more trails for us to experience and we’re all about it.

Until next time…

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