TTC Seats

COVID Seating

I rode the TTC in the COVID seating yesterday, for the first time since March. Or since they declared the pandemic. 
It actually wasn’t too much of a traumatic experience. It was pretty empty. And as you can see by the sign on the seat, they’ve taken a few measures to ensure people don’t get too close to each other.

Being seated too close to another rider was not my main concern. My main concern was what would happen should there be a TTC delay or a breakdown mid-trip. They still haven’t shown us that they know how to handle it. So it worried me a bit. Luckily it was a pretty uneventful trip. 
It was a 10 stop ride in the COVID seating so anything could have happened. But it wasn’t rush hour, and it was Sunday, so my timing was pretty good.

This was my first time venturing out on a photowalk, also since they declared a pandemic. It was a short walk, considering that I sprained my ankle on Canada Day, so I wasn’t able to walk a whole lot. Even though I did. Probably more than I should have but the ankle held up pretty good. I’m also thank for that.

Here’s a Weekly Photo Feature I did from another occasion on the TTC.