Couple walking

The REAL Tunnel of Glam

I call it the REAL Tunnel of Glam because it’s WAY better than that Tunnel of Glam they set up on St. Clair Avenue earlier this year. 
You probably didn’t see it though. But not to worry, you didn’t miss much. My girlfriend and I took a selfie there, as a joke. At the same time we were there, a camera crew was interviewing people as they walked through…
But I digress…

This image was taken on my first photo walk since the Pandemic. Another shot from that outing can be viewed here.

I was also nursing a sprained ankle, so I didn’t venture too far from this spot. I spent probably an hour in total here. Mostly waiting for someone to come walking towards me from the other end. And people tried, but as soon as they saw me lurking at the other end of the passage way, they turned and walked out onto the street. One lady even said to me that she didn’t want to ruin my shot, so she didn’t walk through. I told her she WAS my shot. But it was a privacy thing for her. Which I can understand. But logistically, it didn’t make sense to hang at that end and ask people for their permission to take their picture.

Then a group of 4 people came through. When they reached my end, I asked if one of them or all, didn’t matter would do me a favour and go back to the other end and walk through so I could get a few shots. I explained to them that I had been trying for an hour with no luck. They obliged.

This is the result..