The Shale Beach at Delphi Point

The Shale Beach at Delphi Point

The 2020 Labour Day Weekend brought about an adventure for the mavericks. We ended up at the shale beach at Delphi Point. Read on…

Our day trip was meant to consist of Craigleith Provincial Park, and Peasemarsh Nature Reserve. Both of them were basically a bust. Craighleith was closed and at capacity and Peasemarsh didn’t live up to it’s name. At least not in our view. Maybe we missed something. From what Sheri read, there were to be mountains or at least large hills in view as this was Georgian Bay and we’ve seen it in photos. But not today. Nope!

So we made a move out of there and headed up 26 to the shale beach Delphi Point. And though it was quite busy and smallish, it made up for what Craigleith and Peasemarch lacked.

Delphi Point has a beach, but it’s not made of sand. It’s shale rock. The rock has imprints of fossils in it. Its unlike anything I’ve seen. You really expect for there to be sand on the beach, but not this one. And there were people sleeping on it. I don’t know how they managed that. Kinda makes you wonder what they sleep on at home.

So, if you ever find yourselves at the Blue Mountain town, try to check out Delphi Point. You won’t be disappointed. But expect crowds. Always expect crowds.