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Social Distancing at Tommy Thompson Park

Welcome to my Social Distancing at Tommy Thompson Park page, v2. I say v2 because this blog was already written once. I lost that post due to the incompetence of a previous web host. But I’m not here to talk about that.

This post is about our last trip to Tommy Thompson Park. It was a day trip this time, unlike the first time that included a sunset. The images from that trip are pretty amazing. I will link to that gallery in this post.
I would have to say that the most impressive aspect of the Park is the bird sanctuary. Which fortunately for them, but unfortunately for us you can’t access between April and November. The Cormorants need to nest.
That’s okay though, since it was near the end of March we were still able to get to the beach.

What a lovely beach it is. If you’ve never experienced being the only people on a beach before, I feel sorry for you. It’s the best. 
Hopefully the included images do it justice.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing at Tommy Thompson Park was pretty easy this time around. Much more so than the first time we went, which was about the middle of march. On that occasion it was pretty packed. Uncomfortably so. If it wasn’t for the glorious sunset we took in that evening, I would have said it wasn’t worth it.

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