Sunset Rock Reflection – Weekly Photo Feature #10

Puddle reflection at Scarborough Bluffs

This week’s photo feature, brought to you by the Sunset rock reflection at Scarborough Bluffs on New Years Eve.

A few years ago Sheri and I set about to make a new New Year ritual. We visit Scarborough Bluffs on New Year’s Day. This time we chose to go on New Year’s Eve, as the forecast call for rain and general crappy weather. 
As it turned out, New Year’s Day was a little bit better, weather wise but there still wouldn’t have been a sunset. So we made a good call.

Best Laid Plans

It wasn’t actually our plan to take in the sunset, but it was around 3:00 when we got there. The sky looked like it might have something to offer, so we decided to stick around.
We were so happy with that decision. As the sun came down, it peaked through the gap just above the horizon and lit up the Bluffs like we hadn’t seen in a long time.

It’s A Burner

It was indeed a burner. Thanks to the clouds that were lingering just above the horizon.

Sheri found a rock that had a small puddle in it and as you can see, I was able to capture its essence. I’ve never seen active lava, but I would guess it looks similar to the simulated fire sitting in that rock.

What an epic view the Sunset rock reflection makes.

No Stranger to the Bluffs

As the heading suggests, we are no strangers to the Bluffs. We’ve been here so many times, and not just at New Years. Many times in the summer etc. It’s always our go-to when we need an adventure. 
I hope you can see why.

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Until next time.