Weekly Photo Feature #1

My first Weekly Photo Feature comes from atop the parking garage at Kensington Market in Toronto. It’s an image you’ve probably seen a lot of on this site. Because I like it!

This location in my opinion is best viewed on an over-cast day. Colours pop more on over-cast days. It’s a fact. Nailing the exposure is also key to this spot, as there are a lot of colours due to the copious amounts of graffiti everywhere.

I’ve been here many times, and shot it with many different lenses and 2 camera bodies. This recent shot was taken with the Sony a7iii and kit lens.
I’ve recently discovered that the Sigma 16mm F 1.8 works quite well on the a7iii so I will return here on an over-cast day and shot it again.

Until next time…

Kensington Rooftop
The ultimate view atop the Kensington Market parking garage


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