Weekly Photo Feature #8 – Rouge Valley Conservation Center

This Weekly Photo Feature comes to you via the nature trail at the Rouge Valley Conservation Center. AKA. my favourite nature trail.

Best Time for Hiking

I’ve only been to the Rouge Valley Conservation Center once, it was late Winter, early Spring of last year. As you can see, there’s still a bit of snow on the ground. As I recall it was still somewhat cold. This to me is the best time for hiking. You don’t get all sweaty, there’s not a lot of bugs and there aren’t any ticks. Which is an issue for both humans and dogs. 

The lookout that you can see in the image is the popular aspects of this trail and a major draw for nature lovers. It’s pretty amazing. I’m sure that earlier in the fall it’s even better as you’re above the treeline and the changing colours would be more visible. This is the main reason why I want to return. 
I think Winter would also be a good time for this hike because of the paths that cut through the forest. Hopefully I get the chance to find out.

We haven’t been able to return to this trail, because of Covid-19 and the ticks. It’s about mid-summer as I write this and it seems to be bad year for ticks this year from what I read. I’m ok with that, there’s lots of time. As long as we make it back in early Autumn this year, I’ll be happy.

You can learn more about my love for nature here.

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